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Elektra Boogaloo

Episode 221. The Hottie and the Nottie

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It: Chapter 2 has a Hottie and the Nottie-type dynamic to it (this is not a spoiler, so don’t worry). One of the characters has been carrying a memento of Jessica Chastain’s character around in his wallet for 30+ YEARS. I think we’re supposed to find this sweet—I found it fairly creepy (it doesn’t help that this character is the King of Bland).

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On 8/30/2019 at 10:36 AM, JimKata said:

Click here to see Sexy's profile on Amazon.

tl;dr version: An (alleged) Islamophobe who gave a bad review to an Emma Watson calendar because it listed Islamic holidays, is super Catholic yet hates Pope Francis for being a "lazy liberal", wants to warn men to be wary of Feminazis lest they fall in love with "dangerous female con-artists", and is angered by tiny typesetting,

While it is weird, I do like his take-down of Joel Osteen: "Delusional Joel Osteen, that uneducated Protestant American pastor, sung the praises of evil English queen Elizabeth I, even though she was a mass murderer in every sense of the word! Protestants love to hide and ignore history. Make them face their own evils!"

Pretty good summary. I would only add that he seems to rate movies solely on the basis of how hot he thinks the female lead is...

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