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Where to start:

  • Road trip movie featuring a van with a giant hot dog on it.
  • A plot that defies any attempt to understand its logic (what kind of business plan for a food truck involves a nationwide tour giving out free hot dogs?)
  • HDGTM alum Joel David Moore (The Hottie and the Nottie)
  • Intense gay panic
  • Darrell Hammond as a violent Dr. Phil
  • Gratuitous nudity for Jason
  • Zachary Levi dancing in his underwear in a hot bod contest
  • Chris Pratt in a bit role as a one-armed man
  • Blake Clark's O face
  • The worst fight scene you'll ever see
  • A fantasy flashback featuring Andy Milonakis
  • Jenny McCarthy beastiality
  • Kenan Thompson trying so hard to create comedy


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