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Little Tony

What segue could have saved Kramer?

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This is terrible and I honestly hope Michael Richards stopped beating himself up about his mishap back at the Laugh Factory.  It's kind of sick but now and then with half a guilty grin and half a cringe I'll rewatch him going off then saying, "You see? This shocks you.",  as if he needed to go there so he could take us to a much higher place somehow then trailing off with, "Those words.. those words..." but he never took us there. Why not? A bad segue. That's why.  Sure, also something good on the other side would have helped a bit but he set himself up with a weak segue.

    Anyway, I could not stop myself from thinking.. or maybe wishing that there was a magic segue that would have turned it all around for him. Maybe a word like, "Razamataz! Ha cha cha cHAA!" Something that would have joyously brought that entire audience back. They'd all be on his side, loving him with tears in their eyes because despite whatever horror his previous rant brought into the room the amazing segue and next topic would bring it all together and make the seemingly career-ending slip suddenly make perfect sense.  They'd all be nodding and smiling regardless of race or gender identity and saying, "Yeah, Kramer I see where you're going now and thanks for taking us, you effing genius."

    Not so much because I like Michael Richards or am a racist do I ponder so, but because I honestly want to know what that segue would look like. I mean an actual segue that could have put him back on course and yeah to some extent what follows it too, sure sure. But with all of the infinite combinations of words that exist, though unlikely it seems, there has to be a segue that could do it. 

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Mmmm.... While you may hypothetically be correct - that there may have been a magical moment that might have "saved it" - it's totally rhetorical.


The only thing would be a human response - something that elicited humor and trust that he meant it purely in jest... The truth is, he clearly didn't.... What he said wasn't part of an intelligent thought process - which means, he would personally never be capable of crafting a way out.... 


I hope he does still beat himself up over it - because it was an outmoded and racially charged outburst... If it were part of an intelligent thought, it would have naturally followed to a segue....  The fact that it didn't - reveals something about the person, and the nature of what he said, and the intentions and feelings behind it.... 


The only thing that could have followed would have been a miracle of forgiveness - and of mental acuity.... That there's no point speculating on. Literally nothing in pure print format would ever be appropriate. What you proposed is a pathetic excuse that not even Kramer could have pulled off - and that's why he didn't....


It would have to have come from a place of actual understanding, acceptance, and definite affection/caring - and have been able to be pivoted on it's head, to expose and lay bear the author to an equal or greater degree than it insulted...  And that's simply not possible, because he's a racist piece of shit

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