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The Visitor Seattle HDTGM show

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I hope the second Seattle show of HDTGM has sold out because it deserves to be. Last I heard, they were still trying to sell tickets. I just watched The Visitor (which is the film they will be covering) and loved it (it’s available for free on Hoopla).

Here’s what I said about it on HDTGM’s Twitter feed: I am going to this show and just watched The Visitor. It is fucking insane!!!  Come for Shelley Winters singing racist songs, stay for a bonkers sci-fi take on The Omen(?) RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

Oh, and John Huston, Sam Peckinpah and Lance Henriksen are all a part of this mix as well!

That’s my attempt at free PR. I’m taking the day off from work on Monday so I can be a part of this cultural event. You should too!

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I will just add that both this show and Fateful Findings were AWESOME! Good work to Paul, Jason and June and everyone else involved for delivering kick-ass shows. Hopefully they will both be aired, but if not, I got some great memories from them.

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