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Episode 44 - Neil Young

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Music legend Neil Young feels good about being Conan’s friend.

Neil and Conan sit down to talk about Neil’s 1957 Eldorado Biarritz, why he won’t allow his songs in commercials, the importance of preserving musical sound quality, recording his new album Colorado with Crazy Horse at 9,200 ft elevation, and what Neil loves about his Gretsch White Falcon guitar. Plus, Conan and his staff conduct a Gerber taste test.

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I'm just going to lay it all out on the line.

Conan's Podcast has been a revelation. From learning that there were more mind-melded late-nighters like myself who appreciated not knowing if the content from the original Late Night show had actually happened when discussing it the next day, to following our guy through his incarnations to landing back with Andy and perhaps exploding out of our own stratosphere only to land with Gorly and Sona, who are clearly super-human beings.

But there is a topic that is never brought up. One that has the potential to shake the foundations of ConaCo to its dark dark heart. And that is the unspoken truth that Conan has always been a MUSIC guy. A music guy from our generation, to boot. That means grunge. And chaos. It even means Max and his superlative band that swung us into the mood every night.

Well, today our secret offerings to all of the Norse gods were answered as Conan hosted not only a musical guest, but the most inspired guest that we could have hoped for. Shakey graced our ear-holes today and gave Conan a chance to geek out and play fan boy... but also to flex a different side of his brain. And it feels so so good. Where the Gladwell podcast has struggled to find relevance and character in the depth of musical discussion, Conan hit it out of the park on day one.

Keep it up, little buddy. For all of us. We love you. In whatever way that means to you.

Izzy, Eldorado Springs CO

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One of my favorite episodes of a podcast that consistently makes my sides hurt and has really only had one or two duds (on the part of the guest). From the opening segment, to the insight of Neil and his solid banter with Conan, to Andy walking in and feeding his dog Capn Crunch while Sona watches with disgust as Gorly and Conan chow on baby food, just great comedy and authentic conversation from start to finish. Can’t say enough good things about this podcast, we’re catching something special.

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I just made an account so I could leave a comment about this episode.

This show has been a real pleasure to listen to. And this one was especially terrific. The main part with Neil was fine, nothing special about it other than the fact that you can tell how much of a fan Conan is of Neil. The anecdote about Neil re-tuning Conan's guitar and sticking around to see his reaction was such a nice and funny story.

But the best part of the episode was the end when Conan and Gorly started eating the baby food and Andy walks in. True comedy gold! It was just so authentic and hilarious. Keep up the great work.

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On 11/7/2019 at 12:46 PM, AlmostAGhost said:

Hey all, it's spelled "Matt Gourley".

Sorry, Gourley.

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