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Audible and Other Podcast Advertisers

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I listen to a good deal of podcasts both on and off Earwolf. I hear certain companies advertising on a lot of them, e.g. Audible, Adam & Eve, who have clearly put a lot of money into hoping podcast advertising pays off. Since this is a relatively new medium with an even newer surge in popularity, I wonder, has there been any news as to how well it's paying off for these companies? Is Audible seeing a lot of money out of giving away free audiobooks in every corner of the Internet? This might have been discussed on The Wolf Den or elsewhere, of which I haven't listened to much.

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Audible has an excellent affiliate program. The publisher (podcaster) sends someone over to sign up for a free trial with a free audio book download and after 30 days they start getting charged for their membership should they decide to stay. I'm most people just stay. The publisher gets a kick-back for the new membership. I'm not sure how every body else manages their sponsors/ad space but I think it's great.

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