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Episode 139 - How Did You Create The Internal Family Systems Model And How Does It Work? With Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph. D. Founder of IFS

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CONTENT WARNING: This conversation contains details about addiction, eating disorders and mental health disorders.


Dr. Richard Schwartz earned his PH.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University. He is the founder of The Internal Family Systems Model or “parts” therapy and coauthor of Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, one of the most widely used family therapy texts in the United States. Together they discuss how Richard got into psychotherapy, the creation of IFS and how parts therapy has been helping Jonathan heal from his own life traumas.


To find more information about IFS visit www.selfleadership.org.


Follow Dr. Richard Schwartz and IFS on Instagram @internalfamilysystems and on Twitter @ifs_Model


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