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If you’re looking for a gigantic Spotify playlist...

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This post has NOTHING to do with HDTGM-related material, and I can’t even post the link on here, but I can talk about it.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a playlist that has everything from Beyoncé to Radiohead, from Creedence to Run The Jewels!” Well, then, do I have the playlist for you! It started as a mix for my brother’s 40th birthday, then went on to include the bulk of my music collection. And it’s still growing!

I don’t know how sharing with Spotify totally works, but the playlist is called The Big 40 by justanotherwriter-us (other than turning 40, the title is amusingly referenced in Cypress Hill’s Insane in the Brain, which is also in here). Take a listen if you’re interested and if it works! I recommend hitting shuffle, but you can listen to whole albums, too. Also, there’s plenty of family friendly material and plenty of Parental Advisory material, just FYI. If you don’t like a track, just skip it.

Happy New Year!

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