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425: Cats, Golden Globes, 22 Convention

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This week, Bryan dives into a breakdown of the feline horror that is the Cats film adaptation before pulling apart the best and the worst of the Golden Globes – plus, Fleabag star Andrew Scott’s oh-so-not scandalous ‘racy’ Grindr photo. Then, Erin pulls back the curtain on the 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again conference, which describes itself as the “ultimate event for women, by men” and the “mansplaining event of the century”. Yikes!


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I have to disagree about what was said about the 22 Convention in your #425 program. You know it's easy to just make conclusions or judge a book by it's cover so to speak but that does not make it reality or give truth to what is being reported. Check out this recent YouTube with Stefan Molyneux explaining the controversy made by some of the angry feminists, SHUT UP MEN! You know real reporting looks at both sides, doesn't make lame jokes and allows it's viewer to make their own conclusions. 


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