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Episode 54 - Nikki Glaser

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Comedian Nikki Glaser feels overwhelmed about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Nikki and Conan sit down to discuss modern perspectives on the vagina, the emotional toll of performing a roast, how discovering stand-up comedy helped Nikki manage an eating disorder, and going down in flames with her worst-ever jokes told at a wedding. Plus, Conan responds to the idea of his name on a rump-cheek as he and his staff Review the Reviewers.

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Hey Conan! This is Solomon Strader, from Santa Clarita. I was wondering, if you, Sona and Matt had to race each other in a 60 yard dash, who do you think would win? My money would have to be on Matt. No offense to you or Sona but, I think as soon as the race would start, you  start arguing while Matt runs unimposed.

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Just FYI, the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA closed in 2013 due to lack of of funding.  Fortunately, the entire collection was transferred to the Worcester Art Museum, which is still open.  

As if Conan wasn’t already cool enough, his ranking definitely went up a few points for knowing how to pronounce Worcester.  Now for bonus points, can you manage to mangle “Amherst”?

Love the podcast.  Great chemistry.  Very inspirational.  

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I was surprised by your remark about what you would tattoo on your body. I figured it would be each piece of Flemish armor, as you stole it, a little trophy, if you will.  When investigators finally tie the crime back to you, many years in the future it will be the crucial evidence that you, and only you, could be the perp. Of course the sight of a 95 year old man stripping on the witness stand would cause a scandal of an entirely different nature.

Sorry, what I meant to say was what a great show. I laughed till I cried. I'm so glad your side hack is becoming a thing. 

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