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It's far from perfect, since I failed to mention hot dogs, but I did manage to rhyme "plug" with "love", so that's pretty sweet.


No samples used. Everything was mic'ed using either a Neumann TL-102 or a Shure SM-58 run through a Universal Audio Solo/610 Pre-Amp and then through an M-Audio FastTrack Pro (the weak link in my chain) and mixed slightly for good measure with Reaper.


Instruments include a Martin D-15M, an Ibenez classical acoustic (as the bass), a Lanikai Ukulele, a jaw harp, and a guiro. Go Football!


If anyone wants to listen to my other crap it's on the Soundcloud page. I'm listed under "Infraruxx", a former member of "Infra Blue" and now working on a project under the name "Infra". Album will come out sometime this decade. Also, if anyone thinks of any plays on the word "infra" I'll make it the name of my next project.


Dustin...Sconnie expats stick together...sometimes...never forget.

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That's wonderfully upsetting. It sounds like Larry the Cable Guy was telling people they ain't anywhere near Gantry (IE, if Larry wasn't just pretending to be a blue collar guy and was what everyone said, plus a creep).

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