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Episode 123 - Teresa Lee

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Comedian Teresa Lee sits down with Cameron to discuss her short film “I Think She Likes You,” dating a couple, and fighting shame through dance. Watch Teresa’s short film, “I Think She Likes You,” at https://youtu.be/a450K5VXWzo

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Oof - once Cameron and Teresa agreed that "bisexual" only follows the binary this became a hard listen. I so appreciated Teresa's story and her tales of polyamory, but I think it's incredibly reductive to paint bisexuality with such a broad brush. The term was created far before the ideas of the gender binary, and even before the term "transgender" as well. To say that modern bisexual people have not evolved with the ideas of gender is a harmful stereotype that is used to erase bisexuality completely.

"Bi" may be a prefix that means "two" but no actual bisexual that I know of uses that to actually mean only two genders are acknowledged. For example, I say that 1. I love my same gender and 2. I love all other genders as well. Thus the "two" in my brain.

Oddly enough, I've had more pansexual people give me shit about this than anyone else. When that term first became part of the lexicon it was explained to me as someone who felt attraction to the person inside rather than the actual body. I couldn't relate to this because I very much feel attraction to people without ever getting to know them - so it becomes definitely a surface level "oh they have a rockin bod" kind of attraction. And yet over the last 11 years since I first heard that term magically pansexual people have evolved their meaning and yet bisexuals haven't been granted that same privilege.

I don't put any of this down to do a "call out" but rather open a dialogue about this, because it is hurtful that those of us in the community keep feeling policed and gatekeeped about our own feelings and sexuality.

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