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Sabrina O'Callaghan

LA Newbie seeks job with Earwolf

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I just moved to LA with my hopes and dreams and some savings and man has job hunting been REAL...FUN! 

Let me tell you about myself:

I am a podcast junkie, usually sticking to True Crime and Politics but my #1 Absolute FAVE right now with The Office Ladies!  

My skills include extreme organization skills, proficient in WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT, on both Mac and PC, excellent typing skills, excellent communications skills, thrive in a team environment and love working with all types of mega-rad people with creative ideas!

I also co-own and run my own production company and have completed 3 award winning short films. 

Seeking something entry-level.  I'm very quick to learn and adapt well to changing and fast paced environments.  

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Heres a link to my LinkedIn Profile.  

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