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Comedy Site!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Amy (obviously)! I am going to start a comedy website soon and was wondering if there were any writers interested?


What Would You Do?

Good question, Tom.

Well, I was wanting to have writers write short little funny stories about once a week. Then have maybe a spotlight stand up special for each writer on the site maybe once a week. This means you can send in your funny stories, jokes, and such. Each week, we can talk a little about the writer and how funny you are and then post your stories.


I can even make an extra page for short bio's if you guys want so everyone knows who the writers are!


I was also maybe wanting to stay updated with the stories of the comedy community. BUT, I can do that on my own if you are more interested in just writing your jokes. I think it would be a great place to get your jokes out there. PLUS, with Twitta (Twitter), and Facebook it can definitley get promoted...


LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED! E-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com OR send me a message on here.


Hope to hear from you all! (No, I am not going to say y'all)

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Is the offer still on because I am interested? If you can confirm that it is, I would love to give your thing a try. Please reply back soon, so I can send you a mail.

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