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Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

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20 minutes ago, JammerLea said:

Thanks! And now I know I messed up his shirt sleeves. Whoops lol

What a weird episode.  I feel like I might've seen it long ago. I guess I can see why it was banned, but it also seems kinda fitting for a bunch of kids trying to sneak a bit of alcohol to be "cool". 

I was more of an Animaniacs person when that came out. I'm looking forward to the reboot of that!


Animaniacs is coming back?  I loved that when I was younger, never knew why it got cancelled, until I actually read what happened to it, and as it turns out, it's this guy named Jamie Kellner who did it, and Jamie Kellner is a shit dick.

He had a reputation for cancelling popular shows, because he didn't like them.  He was the man who had the biggest hand in killing the silver age of Warner Bros. animation.  So, if you liked:

Batman: The Animated Series, and all of the shows in relation to that
Tiny Toon Adventures
Pinky and the Brain

All but one, cancelled by Kellner.  Apparently, because those shows were more popular among adolescents, and teens, Kellner decided "They're cartoons, cartoons are for little kids", and took a scythe to them, because of the advertisers, who were selling products aimed at younger kids.  The show that wasn't cancelled, Pinky and the Brain, got poochied, when they added Elmyra Duff, and called it "Pinky, The Brain, and Elmyra", and it died a slow agonising death.

And, just to add the cherry to the shit dick cake, Kellner is also the man who killed World Championship Wrestling, despite it being the highest rated show on TNT, because "I just don't like wrestling".  Eric Bischoff had formed a consortium to buy the company from AOL-Time Warner, Kellner said "Okay, you can have the name, the trademarks, and the library, but I'm cancelling the TV shows, and not providing distribution", without that, it was worthless.  So, instead of selling WCW for a huge amount of money and having 4 hours of high rated programming on the schedule, he cancelled the show, and Vince McMahon bought WCW for $2.7 million... at one point, WCW was worth close to $500 million.

So, fuck Jamie Kellner.

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1 hour ago, Smigg. said:


Animaniacs is coming back?  I loved that when I was younger, never knew why it got cancelled, until I actually read what happened to it, and as it turns out, it's this guy named Jamie Kellner who did it, and Jamie Kellner is a shit dick.


Yep! Hulu is bringing back Animaniacs. I belieeeeve it's supposed to start this year, but I haven't heard an airdate. They're bringing back the core voice cast and I think the guy who wrote the songs on the original show. Rob Paulsen has some details on the reboot idea proposal in his autobiography he released this past year, I need to get back to reading it.

I got to meet Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche (voices of Pinky and The Brain and so many more) at a convention in 2014 and they were absolute sweethearts! LaMarche voiced Pepe le Pew in Space Jam... I've technically met one of the Space Jam voice actors...

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20 hours ago, DrGuts1003 said:

I too was laughing at the modest house that Michael Jordan supposedly lived in originally, but then I had a thought...was that house in Chicago or Birmingham, AL?  Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons baseball team and we later see him play at a golf course in Birmingham.

Perhaps that house was not his permanent residence, but rather a second home or just a rental while he played baseball.

I was always under the assumption it was a rental near where the team played which is what the vast majority of athletes do while they have a permanent home somewhere else in the off season.

9 hours ago, Smigg. said:

I'm just surprised that Hulk Hogan, with his penchant for bullshit, hasn't come out and said "I was supposed to be in Space Jam, brother! But it was going to be called 'Space SLAM', but I was about to join the nWo, and they didn't want a bad guy as the star brotherdudejack".

I'm almost certain he has said that at least once or twice in the last couple decades, sort of like how he's claimed for years he was the initial choice for what became the George Foreman Grill, but he wasn't home when the pitch company made the initial call.

7 hours ago, PokemonCreationist said:

I want to give a shout out to Isaac, the guy who sang the 2nd Opinions theme song. That was so subtle, I don't think Paul, June, or Jason caught what you were doing. That song was masterfully chosen.

For those that didn't catch it, Isaac sang to the tune of "I Believe I can Fly" by R Kelly. Yes, the grammy-winning single was very apropos for parody in this episode bc the song was written for Space Jam. Its entry on the Billboard website even says so (see screen shot below). In light of recent revelations and less recent piss jokes, this was ripe for more ridicule.

And it's a shame this connection was missing from the Podcast bc it would give so much more ammunition for Jason to rip on Chicago. Kelly was born/raised on the South Side and eventually moved out to the South 'burbs (aka, "Chicago" don't @ me). So, Jason, if you want more proof that Space Jam is just Chicago being obsessed with itself, despite obvious problems, there you go.


Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 10.06.48 AM.png

I'm honestly surprised it didn't peak at number one, that was a total Mandela Effect moment for me.

3 hours ago, JammerLea said:


On that note, while cartoon physics can apply to Jordon in Looney Tunes Land, it doesn't explain how he was able to be sucked into a golf hole in the real world! How many times should he have died in this movie??

Now I wish there was an alternate ending where when the spaceship lands on the field and the ramp comes down, both the crumbled masses of Wayne Knight and Jordan's characters tumble down in a pile of mush, and the Tunes realize that due to them not being of their world the damage does take effect, but isn't realized while still in Tune atmosphere near the center of the Earth.

3 hours ago, Smigg. said:

The best one for me is Street Fighter: The Movie: The Video Game

This is Super Street Fighter II, the game the movie is based on


Now here's Street FIghter: The Movie: The Video Game


This raises the question.  What's the point?

Well, Capcom's Street Fighter franchise currently has over THIRTY games in it... but are somehow still on Street Fighter 5.  And secondly, this game has the added bonus of Kylie Minogue in a swimsuit, even though she was wearing camo in the movie, which I'm alright with.

That game might as well have been called Fuck Grammar: the Game as there was no logical reason for there to be that many colons in that title. As for the rest of the series, they basically saw what Final Fantasy was starting to do with title schemes and said hold my beer. Kingdom Hearts is trying to match their title ability with some of the batshit names that have been given to the various reboots and remasters that have been put out over the years.

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2 hours ago, AlmostAGhost said:

Just an FYI since I know you're not all sportos

But Space Jam 2 is scheduled for 2021




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8 hours ago, RyanSz said:


I'm almost certain he has said that at least once or twice in the last couple decades, sort of like how he's claimed for years he was the initial choice for what became the George Foreman Grill, but he wasn't home when the pitch company made the initial call.

I did a thread a few years ago when Paul announced that they were doing Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando, and it was basically cataloguing all of the bullshit that Hogan has spewed in his life.

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LIsten I am the right age for this movie. I was 7 years old when this was in theaters, and yes I did eat it the fuck up. Did I think this was a masterpiece up until listening to this episode? Yes...

Here's my actual question though - How can June and Jason destroy this movie so much and then turn around and pledge their love to something like Drop Dead Fred?!


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There's a lot I want to say and a lot of good stuff was said already.  I'll just limit myself to one idea.

This kind of goes with the confusing Six Flags analog within the movie.  Is this movie...  a self-loathing commentary on itself?  Now obviously there's the very clearly unintentionally ironic use of "evil businessman" in Danny DeVito who represents the same kind of blind greed that resulted in Space Jam in the first place.  He tries to appeal to young people (represented by an alien kid) and desperately gloms onto something popular, sort of like this movie tries with two popular things and awkwardly jams them together.  I feel like we've seen that kind of disingenuous pokes at big business in cashgrab/pandering movies before.

But also Bugs Bunny's complaint is that the Tunes will be rehashing all their own bits night after night.  But the film has a LOT of rehashes of classic bits.  Then the basketballers have their talent stolen in the plot, making them embarrassments and in the making of this film they aren't allowed to rely on their best talents and forced to flex muscles they have not trained (acting muscles), making them embarrassments.  Michael Jordan will be punished and forced to play with severe handicaps, which I feel could describe as not only acting (a talent that doesn't run that strong in him) but also having to work off no other actors in the nowhere land of greenscreen.

Perhaps the writer and/or the director and other people involved in the creation of the movie told the story of their movie being made and having to sell their souls to the hungry maw of unfettered capitalism within the movie.   At least on a subconscious level.

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When Jordan is at home watching TV with his kids, there is a pile of VHS tapes next to the TV.  The only title that is visible is the 1987 classic Disorderlies.  Who knew Air Jordan was a fan of The Fat Boys?

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I owe this to my friend who asked a question at the live show and was cut out of the podcast. It was my fault, I told him to ask it. Although he butchered it completely, this is what he meant. 

Is space jam the original Get Out?

The nba players have their minds removed and put into someone else’s body, just like in Get Out.  Michael is then taken to the “sunken place,” where he is to become a slave. My theory is that the Toons are in on it, which is why they picked a game they don’t know how to play. They convince Michael that they are his friends, and then Michael risks it all and says that he should be the only one to be enslaved. All the toons, the nba, everyone is in on it. That’s why no one is surprised when he gets sucked down into  the “sunken place”. No one is surprised or shocked because, again, they’re in on it. Michael does Get Out. But the nba has still not gotten their justice for trying enslave Michael. Which is why Lebron James has come for them in the sequel.

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So I'm going to say the Tunes' comeback win over the Monstars isn't all that impressive. Why? Well, near as I can tell the Monstars are only fielding five players, only the ones who stole the abilities of the NBA stars. Meanwhile, the Tunes seem to be rolling out a roster of 30 players or more, and all of them get on the court at some point (how referee Marvin the Martian is allowing this big a roster is unexplained). Of course the Monstars faded at the end of the game! Big scary monsters or not, anyone is going to get tired playing the full game with no one getting a break. Big tactical error by the Monstars there -- their coach should be fired.

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Actually, Paul explicitly mentions it near the end of the show and shows the live audience.  They take a look at an online coloring book.

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