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Neil Hamburger - Death metal band frontman?

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I used to be a huuuge fan of the band Mr. Bungle and everything related, and my first introduction to Neil Hamburger (as Gregg Turkington as McPatrick Head) several years ago was his involvement as the front man in a comedy/death metal band called Faxed Head, alongside Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance.


Just wanted to share in case anyone hadn't heard of the band. It's basically an experiemental doomy-metal self-parody kind of band with more or less comedy lyrics/vocals.


Coalinga Love (California Love parody, one of their only non-metal songs)



Deathly Peace


The Blackened Coffin

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The first one is great. The guitar chorus, the alien drawings, the muppet at 1:36, and that deathly wind at the end make it rock.


Haha, yeah, the deathly wind on the actual CD version of the song lasts for over 3 minutes... it's literally about half of the entire song.


Have heard of Boris but hadn't actually made a point to ever sit and listen to them... I like it!

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I am very good friends with Gregg Turkington and his wife Simone Turkington. I was very pleased to see this post! Gregg has an amazing life story and is easily one of the best comedians on Earth right now. I'd like to record his memoirs...


Check out Simone Turkington's podcast "Dongtini" http://dongtini.com/


Gregg and Simone have put me in the same room as Radiohead TWICE in the last month. And on the way home from Radiohead the other night, Simone played me some Mr. Bungle. They are the finest people on Earth.

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That's awesome Dustin, thanks for the info!


I remember years ago, on a Mr Bungle mailing list, there was a loooong argument about whether or not Neil Hamburger and Gregg Turkington were the same person. The Neil voice and Gregg's voice in Faxed Head seemed obvious to me, but a few people were convinced that they were different people, and that Gregg was Neil's manager or something like that.


Sounds ridiculous now I know, but back then, even Wikipedia didn't directly make the connection. Luckily there were a couple folks on the mailing list who also knew Neil personally and were able to offer personal testimonies to convince the skeptics that Neil and the singer for FH were indeed the same person.


Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Faxed Head reunion...

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