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Episode 188 - Any F*cking Clown 2020

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Katie Compa and Gastor Almonte join Negin to break down the best and worst moments of Wednesday’s Debate and weigh in on Trump’s Pardons. They also talk about what it takes to be a female lead in today’s cinematic landscape.

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After listening to multiple podcasts I am curious about further discussion on two specific points on E. Warren's candidacy that I have not heard addressed, but feel are important to draw attention to/respond to.

  1. Age (this isn't specific to E.W. but is a general comment for a large majority of the field). The average age of the USA is in the late 30s - as the leader of the Executive Branch is meant to be representative of the constituency that is the USA, does the age of a number of the candidates become a problem as they are not 1 but 2 generations removed from the average (mean and median).
  2. E.W. (and this is my specific issue with her) is very good at calling people out on their bull and explaining what a realistic approach to reconciliation would entail. However, when faced with her own previous bad decisions (hello DNA test) I have not heard any admission or reconciliation with "I tried to fix a mistake with a mistake and I'm sorry." I know it was in response to Trump being Trump but it seems problematic on a lot of levels.

Thoughts? I would love to hear them as I am truly looking at specific discussions to these terms as I'm am looking at possible choices.

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