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Episode 60 - Jim Gaffigan

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Comedian Jim Gaffigan feels like Nikki Glaser felt about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Jim and Conan sit down to talk about showbiz friendships, the power of bragging, drinking options, and presidential endorsements. Later, Conan recalls an overreaction to a home emergency.


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I have to imagine it's because Jim doesn't have time to follow stupid shit like this, but CMA *always* has "drama". It's almost always related to someone not being asked to perform and someone else was.


Pretty much like the scene in the newest A Star is Born.

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I have taken time out of my workday to create an account just so that I can request: PLEASE STOP SINGING "BUTTON UP YOUR OVERCOAT." I'm not going to claim to know how often (or which episodes) he's done this, but it's definitely more than once. It gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day (sometimes longer), and it is driving me bananas.


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