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Episode 150 - How Do Firefighters Fight Bushfires? With Fiona Macken

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CONTENT WARNING: This conversation contains details about scenes that emergency first responders encounter which include car accidents, suicide, house fires, and bushfires.


Fiona Macken is a volunteer Firefighter with the Country Fire Authority and 3rd Lieutenant of the Diamond Creek Fire Brigade. In 2009 she was deployed during the Black Saturday Bushfires, which are considered Australia’s most devastating fires to date. She’s witnessed the lasting impact these catastrophes have on survivors and firefighters and has dedicated her life’s work to safety education and prevention. She sat down with Jonathan in Melbourne to share why she became a first responder, the team of people supporting firefighters, and how to help with the most recent bushfires in Australia.

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Visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au/ to find out more about Fiona and CFA’s work.

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