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The Double

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Hey HDTGM Gang,


Please watch and review "The Double".


This is a fantastic film starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace. Richard is an FBI agent who is brought in on a murder case that is similar to the murders of a serial killer he has been investigating for the last thirty years. Topher is a new agent that gets on the same case because of his thesis on the same serial killer he wrote in the FBI academy. From there suspicision abounds as Gere and Grace investigate the new killing and track down the killer.


My favourite part is when Richard Gere gets invited to the Topher's for dinner. Topher's wife greets Richard and welcomes him to their humble Commode. Yes, COMMODE.


There is also a 5 minute revalation conversation in the middle of a chase scene where the main characters completely ignore who they are chasing.


There are so many other parts that will have you rolling your eyes and scratching your head. Saying any more would just ruin the fun of experiencing this movie.

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