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Episode 72 — Scientific Matter

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Here's Howard's Sexual Sign Language video


From Kulap:



Email your entries to whocharted@earwolf.com - subject line “Sexual Sign Language.”


The winner will win a WHO CHARTED POWER PACK!




I think this should be called, "thumbping"

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Soooo andy said something that got my little vegan panties in a bunch..."living a lie sort of...why are you a vegetarian?...wishing you were eatng meat" That last one really made me want to comment on the discussion. I can't speak for all vegetarians but in my group of friends we all became vegans because of the unethical treatment of animals, particularly big factory farms, dairy, poultry, fish, and red meat (pork/beef) I think most people can agree that conditions in some of these places is completely unacceptable...That said, animal products to me are extremely disgusting when you think about how the product got to you, and I would rather live a life trying to avoid these products that cause so much destruction with very little positive effects (health and environmental) I could rant about how bovine factory farms (huge farms) make up a large portion of the bad "greenhouse" gasses that destroy our atmosphere, or how overfishing is changing the ocean creating ecological dead zones, killing the fish and wildlife that most people don't even eat! OK, so back to the comment that made this rant possible..."Living a lie" ??? I have no idea why he would say that, other than being completely ignorant of the subject, which is weird because he has a vegetarian "veganish" wife... To the "wishing we were eating meat" comment, I have to say that some people don't have the same ideology as me, I don't know why other people become vegetarians, I can only give you my reasons as stated semi briefly above. So for me, eating faux meat is just another way for me to get protien in my diet, I don't eat it because it looks and kind of tastes like meat. Furthering this argument you could also say that meat tastes like whatever seasoning that you put on it. Meat does have a flavor but that is not what I taste when I eat faux meat, I taste the seasonings....Ok, rant over, time wasted, sleep lost, over a few ignorant statements that should not have bothered me this much, but it did. I still love the show and kulap did a FANTASTIC job getting out of that discussion, who knows what other ignorant things people might have said given the opportunity.

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