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Cameron H.

3rd Annual(?) Howdies

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I don’t know if you’re still taking submissions, but one June not having it moment that I LOVE is in The Jazz Singer episode when Paul and Jason were perplexed by Lucie Arnaz changing the baby’s diaper on the beach and June says something to the effect of “I saw a single mother making a choice and I didn’t question it.” The way she said it was like dropping a mic.

The Little Italy episode when they revealed the movie had been released within a couple months of them making the episode and June was so shook, “like a rattle inside her body”. I often use that quote in my everyday life. I don’t know if that would fall under June not having it or what...

I love the idea of a fashion category! In Jaws 3D, the whole conversation about Jason’s fanny pack leading into Paul’s book bag is a pretty great one. 

June Slam or audience abuse from Meghan and Harry, when the audience member complained about it being the second time she had to do an accent to ask a question and June says something like and you haven’t taken the time to work on it since last time. 

Another audience abuse that I thought was great was the tank top bros in the balcony. Jason and June ridiculing them. They ended up redeeming themselves. I cannot remember what episode this was though.

Somehow, they have to work in June being on jury duty and calling in. That was AMAZING. On The Spirit of Christmas.



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Worst Philosophical Conversation Taking Place Over a Complete-Shit Game of Chess.   Some one would have to do the research on this one, but there must be a handful of these.

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