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Episode 67 - Kevin Nealon

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Comedian and actor Kevin Nealon feels confused that he’s considered Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Kevin and Conan sit down to talk about working on the Hans & Franz musical, perfecting the interview on his YouTube show Hiking with Kevin, and planning a road trip. Plus, Conan gives out much-needed advice on dating and getting along with family during quarantine.


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Hi Conan. As always, I enjoyed the podcast. The latest release with Kevin Nealon caused me to check out your hike with Kevin on his YouTube show. During the hike you spoke of damaging your front teeth when you were young, causing them to turn black. Well, the same thing happened to me. Here's the story...

Around 1965, my mom was driving her ‘62 Chev with my brother and I in the back seat. She had to stop fast which launched me into the back of the passenger seat. The seat pulled forward and I continued into the metal front dash. I left four teeth marks in the dash. Three weeks later the four teeth in question turned fucking black! I had to get them pulled. Fortunately they were baby teeth, but I had to walk around like a hillbilly for two years before my permanent teeth came in! AND, to add insult to injury, one of my teachers suggested I go to the speech therapist at our school because I couldn’t say my ‘S’ sounds. No shit! So every week for a fucking year, the speech therapist came knocking at our classroom door, twice a week for a half hour ‘speech therapy’ lesson.

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