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Episode 69 - Nick Kroll

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Nick and Conan sit down to talk about how being a late bloomer informed the making of Big Mouth, collaborating with longtime partner John Mulaney on Oh, Hello: the P’dcast, and finding positives within a long stretch of quarantine. Later, Conan and his team answer listener questions about homeopathic remedies and more.



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On 4/27/2020 at 8:09 PM, Jaywhid said:


Oh god, looking at the other posters, my drawing looks even more terrible than I intended, which is making me laugh at it more and more.

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I just listen to this episode and noticed that there is a real villain in Slovakia who lisened to it as well and tried 2 eye patch tactics to escape from being arrested. He tried to rip off TV company of 64 milions Euro. This just proves that Conan has a real clever ideas and is a criminal mastermind. 


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