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Actor Ted Danson feels oddly comforted about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Ted and Conan sit down to talk about false humility, being recognized (while wearing a mask), and pandemic farts. Plus, Conan shares a touching clip from the set-up of the remote recording.

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Solid podcast. Sona and Matt Gorley play off each other perfectly and Ted Danson is charming as ever. Perfectly adequate for driving to court or doing dishes.

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Great show! Conan makes me laugh out loud! Love it!

He and Ted touched on  many interesting topics. One topic was laugh tracks on shows and hearing a particular person's laugh in the background. It made me think of the old I Love Lucy show where you can hear Desi laughing in the background sometimes! 

Keep the laughs coming during these crazy times!


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This was absolutely one of my top 5 episodes in Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend! This podcast is really getting me through this pandemic. Also, Sona is my favorite and you laughing in the background just makes the show. Don't ever quit, Sona!

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