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Episode 653 - The 11th Anniversary Show!

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Scott celebrates the 11th Anniversary of Comedy Bang! Bang! with co-host Jason Mantzoukas, fan favorites, plus newcomers. Special guests joining the celebration are treasure hunter Brock Lovett, intern Gino Lambardo, social media expert Francesca Bolognese, singer Roland Gift, and Dairy Queen. Thanks for listening for all these years!

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Ok, so i know CBB topics aren't a thing anymore, and i know no one from the show will probably even see it, but i just had to find a way to thank Scott and the folks at Earwolf for all the hard work that they have done and still do. 11 years is a lot, and even though i haven't been around for all of it, you now make a big part of my life and make myself and thousands of other people very happy every week. This is a sincere thank you. 


As for this ep, i just spent 1 hour and 40 minutes laughing my head off. Jason and PFT are MVPs as always, Gabrus is amazing ( How does he do it? Where does he come up with all these completely different characters? Every. Single. Time. ), Carl and Ego are a joy to listen to, and Lily is a wonderful new addition to the gang. Thank you to all of you ❤️

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