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Poll! Team V8 or Not-V8?

Poll for Episode 241: Ninja 3: Are you Team V8 or Team Otherdrinks?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. You must choose!

    • Team V8
    • Team Anything But V8

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I haven't made a poll before, I hope this works.

Please note, endorsing V8 is NOT an endorsement for Clamato.

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I haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t know if I will if it had a lot of cop violence this week. Will probably listen to the episode.

I’m just voting for V8 because it’s a theoretically healthy drink and also just for the fuck of it.

Right now my side has 100% of the vote!

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V8 should definitely have a product placement deal with The Fast & Furious franchise. It’s all about family! And what’s better for a growing family than 2 full servings of vegetables in every can. Vin would make sure the deal specified he can’t lose to a can of V8 in a fight. 

I can totally see it now: In the climatic scene Dom is thrown from his car and comes to rest face down against a wall. His crew run to him and look in stunned dismay at his white cotton beater soaked in blood, but just when all is lost, Dom rolls over and holds up a crushed can of V8 with a mischievous smile and says “I ain’t rebuilding this one.” Cut to rooftop gathering. The whole family raise cans of V8 high and in harmony yell, “Family!”


Directed By: Tall John Scheer

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