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Nick T.

More “Good” Bad Movies

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No film suggestion, but a general suggestion:

I think HDTGM has its highest ratio of classic episodes (EG, where the hosts are super energized and we hear lots of huge host + audiences laughs & crazy movie provoked digressions) when they review critically hated movies that are widely loved (or at least widely considered entertaining/fun yet understood to be ridiculous by its own fans). Off the top of my head, I’d cite Blood Sport, Face Off, Cobra, Time Cop, Deep Blue Sea, Con Air, The Running Man and the Twilight w/the huge, imagined battle as examples of great episodes from this type of movie.

We can’t miss out on amazing stuff like Miami Connection & Hell Comes to Frog Town, but maybe less widely panned big budget garbage like Speed 2, which is often just soulless tripe rather than garbage with life.

The last paragraph makes me see now why a lot of folks are not thrilled to see HDTGM doing Transformers (I had said I thought it’d be funny). 

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