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See You Next Wednesday -- Toronto based comedy, film, and pop-culture podcast

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Hey earwolfers,


I'm one-third of a Toronto based podcast See You Next Wednesday, and I was hoping to just get the word out / and possibly get some feedback and constructive criticism.


We're at 10 episodes as of this week, and we've been trying to really tighten it up and make sure our segments more and more concise as we go along.


Our main segment every week is Film Roulette, where the three of us roll a die and the two high rollers get to go see whatever movie looks "the best" that week (This week it was The Avengers, last week was The Five-Year Engagement, etc), and the loser has to see a stinker. Past stinkers have been The Three Stooges, Streetdance 2: 3D. etc.


The twist is, the loser gets to force the winners to listen to an album of his choice all week. This week I forced them to listen to Kiss' "Music from the Elder". So it can get pretty painful.


Another segment we do from time to time is Hero Swap, where we randomly pick an action hero and a movie and swap it out. IE: Would Action Jackson last if he was dropped into THE THING?


Otherwise we do album reviews, movie reviews, trailers, and general tomfoolery.


Any feedback would be helpful, we're still very new and working with equipment that we have available to us (I plan on upgrading to a new mixer very soon).


Thank you in advance!




(we're in the process of launching our own site but for now, there's the LibSyn).





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