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Elektra Boogaloo

Debate: Worst HDTGM cops

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I was listening to the NINJA III ep and they talked about how weird the cops are in that film. 

And it got me thinking, who are the worst cops in HDTGM movies? Because it seems to be a real recurring theme. 

is it Ham and Cheats with their comedy mustaches? 

Is it Action Jackson’s department that doesn’t appreciate that he is a hero?

Drunken Michael Fassbender in the Snowman? 

I feel like there are a lot of options here. And I want to discuss. Let’s say something bad happens to your family, who do you DEFINITELY NOT want to be assigned to the case? 

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Top 3 in no particular order for me are Fassbender/Kilmer's department in Snowman, every cop not in the Zombie Squad in Cobra, and every cop not named Tango & Cash in the titular film as they were just acting like dumb assholes.

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The cops in Jingle All the Way let Arnold and SInbad rampage across an entire city culminating in them taking over an entire parade, endangering countless lives with that amazingly functional jetpack.

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Maybe it’s getting a boost because I saw that movie done live and actually watched the movie itself, but the cops in Unforgettable (from what I remember from seeing it almost a year ago and a quick Wikipedia glance) :


-Can’t be bothered to look up the main antagonist’s criminal record after she is accused of stalking, which turns out to be serious.

-Do not believe a staking victim in the slightest, and are in fact uber-skeptical of her for no apparent reason.

-Completely let someone who appears to have murdered go because the evidence against her is “circumstantial.”

-Have absolutely never heard of anyone making a fake Facebook profile and refuse to even believe it's likely. They also see nothing suspicious about the account being created so recently and definitely don’t comb it for anything that could give it away as fake.

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