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I know it's probably harder than I'll ever understand to get people on the show but I still think we need a forum for possible guest suggestions.


Here are mine:


Pete Holmes

SuperEgo (Matt Gourley and Jeremy Carter for sure)

Paul F. Tompkins

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Some of my favorite LA improvisers who haven't been on the show yet:


Thomas Middleditch

Nick Mandernach

Betsy Sodaro

Dave Theune

Casey Feigh

Mookie Blaiklock

Nick Wiger

David Harris

Heather Anne Campbell

Alex Berg

Hal Rudnick

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Jon Daly

James Adomian

Pete Holmes

Brody Stevens

Harris Wittels (only to hear him flounder)


and more Sean Conroy!

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I'm fine with bringing in anyone on earwolf, or any previous guest of any earwolf podcast.

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I agree with all of the previous suggestions so hard


Brian Gallivan!!! I never ever get to see/hear enough from him :(

Kyle Dunnigan please! He does so many wonderful voices!


and always bring back Lennon Parham and Ben Schwartz!! I love them both so much it's nuts.

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What would be great is to hear a special UCB founders episode with Walsh, Roberts and Phoeler. I'm not going to hold my breath but that would be cool.


I'd really like to hear Jerry Minor on an episode.

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I love Jerry Minor so I second the previous post.

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Gregg Turkington. I met that guy once at a Neil Hamburger show (I know :/ ) and he does think of the weirdest stuff off the top of his head that is pretty good and funny. Also, he shows up sometimes on a podcast called On Cinema with Tim Heidecker so he has some podcast experience. Also, Tim Heidecker. That's also a suggestion.

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I'd also second Jon Daly (his work on Comedy Bang Bang as well as his own stuff is just genius)

Also, I'd love to hear Lennon Parnham and Jessica St. Clair with Sean Conroy! That is my dream episode

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I spent yesterday at the L.A. Indie Improv Fest, and here are some stand-outs!


Scott Davis

Peter Dirksen

James Ross

Lilan Bowen

Will Doughty

Ben Siemon

Steve Szlaga

Jacob Womack

Rene Gube

Danny Cohen

Jonny Svarzbein

Anthony Gioe

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Kyle Dunnigan would be awesome

If you could get them out to LA, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Nikki Glaser, etc. could be really good on the show I think.

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In no particular order: Erin McGathy, Romanski, Fred Armisen, Ian Roberts, Jon Benjamin, Oscar Nuñez, Steve Agee, Eric Andre, Steve Little, Kumail Nanjiani, Abby Elliot, James Pumphrey, Harris Wittels and Craig Robinson.

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