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Episode 154 - John Benjamin Hickey

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First and foremost how is everyone holding up after seeing Zac Efron’s “dad bod”? Dave and Matt hope you’re ok and have a brand new My First Time (#FleshHunger) to lift your spirits. Then, the incredible John Benjamin Hickey is here to chat with the guys about surviving COVID completely alone, living in East Hampton, Babylon Berlin, The Waltons, directing Plaza Suite (starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick), postponing a full year, the future of Broadway, dream casting Tiger King, Brady Bunch, Rich Man, Poor Man, Making Love, being more afraid of being an actor than gay, meeting Andy Cohen on the 976 line, meeting John’s partner at a brunch, creating a queer community through work, spending more time with your partner now than ever before, growing up in Plano, TX, and how handling COVID *can* be an amazing gesture of love.

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