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Aspen Extreme (1993)

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I'm shocked that this movie hasn't been done yet. It is not like the ski movies of the 80's that mix skiing with wacky characters. It tries so hard to be the Top Gun of ski movies. The middle part of the movie is straight up crazy. The main guy's best friend (who would have been the wacky one in the 80's) gets suspended for two weeks for something that really wasn't his fault. Since he's out of work, he becomes a drug mule!!! He sucks at that and ends up being addicted to cocaine. One of the locals cleans him up and gets him back on skis. He then dies in an avalanche. This all happens in like 30 minutes. I think he's supposed to be the "Goose" character from Top Gun and he's played by Peter Burg.


Just please watch this movie.

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