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Women in Trouble / Elektra Luxx

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Has anyone else seen "Women in Trouble" and "Elektra Luxx"? It's a pair of films that feature Carla Gugino, Adrianne Palicki, and "On The Line"'s very own Turkey Sub as porn stars, yet manages to be completely unsexy, unfunny, and boring. The films also star Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Malin Ackerman, Marley Shelton, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Berkeley, Connia Britton, and Timothy Olyphant. Yeah, Gugino, Ackerman, Berkeley, and Moore are all in this thing, and NO ONE shows their tits! Crazy!


Here's my Netflix review of "Elektra Luxx":


If I didn't know better, I could have sworn that this movie had been released direct to video in 1998, as it looks and feels like any of a dozen other movies that appeared on video store shelves in the wake of similar (but much better) movies like Chasing Amy, Swingers, and selections from the Great American Parker Posey catalog. It thinks it's funnier than it is, it thinks it's smarter than it is, it thinks it's wittier, more provocative, and more touching than it is, but it's really just a mess of a film. It seems like it was made by someone that saw those better films and said "I want to make a movie like that", but had no original or good ideas of their own to bring to the table. It's still better than Women in Trouble though, but that isn't saying much, if anything, at all.

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I detested Elektra Luxx... some good actors and a plot that sounded interesting and could have gone somewhere.. and then didn't. I'm sure the salacious promotion didn't help to miss-sell the movie which got bogged down in 'Lifetime kitchen chat' scenes interspersed with poor Levitt trying his hardest to make something of a woefully under written part.


For what it's worth I completely agree with your review.. I'm sure i reviewed it in much the same manner somewhere else myself.. Didn't help that the title, possibly deliberately, sounds exactly like a washing machine manufacturer.


Now if only i'd rented Female Trouble by John Waters... would have been a whole other kettle of fish :)

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I remember thinking "Carla Gugino as a porn star? SOLD!". And then I wondered why this movie that I hadn't heard of, that had been made in the last year, had so many names in it, almost all actors that were currently working on bigger projects. Strange...


I didn't even realize that "Elektra Luxx" WAS a sequel until it showed up at my place. The Netflix sleeve said something like "In this sequel to 'Women in Trouble'...", so I immediately looked it up, and thankfully (or so I thought at the time) it was streaming. After watching "Women in Trouble", "Elektra Luxx" sat untouched for about 2 weeks. Once I did get around to it, I discovered that it was just more of the same. That said, despite being a shitty, boring mess, it's still the best film I've ever seen with the word "Elektra" in the title.




"...the best film I've ever seen..." ---- PlanBFromOuterSpace


(pull quote for the imaginary "Elektra Luxx" Blu-Ray release)

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