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The Devil's Tomb (2009)

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An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility. Directed by Jason Connery, yes Sean Connery's son. So its very possible that Sean Connery has watched this fine film. 

Starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ron Perlman, Henry Rollins, Ray Winstone, and Taryn Manning in this low budget movie that takes place almost entirely in an underground bunker. This was made right when Cuba was in the middle of his epic run of straight to video films. It has themes of the first Resident Evil movie with a military unit going down to the bottom of an underground bunker and there are some obstacles in the form of "zombies" but it just doesn't add up to anything.

They go down 900 feet in an elevator, is that even possible?!? Nobody is particularly worried when people go missing or disappear, in fact they seem to just forget about them until someone asks where they are. A number of pointless flashback scenes that are pretty much just there to fill time. When the reveal occurs Cuba specifically doesn't seem to change expression at all, Plus the "bad guy" who plays them says she is ready to die then a scene later she doesn't want to be killed so its odd. Plus nobody in the military actually seems to have their name on their uniforms which seems like a simple detail to fix. Also why is one of the presumably US military guys towards the end have a British accent? 



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