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Force of Nature (2020)

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A gang of art thieves goes to rob an old man in an apartment building, however a couple of cops are there trying to evacuate everyone. This is all occurring during a Category 5 hurricane in Puerto Rico. While Mel Gibson is in this, the main character is played by Emile Hirsch, yet another actor with a history of violence against women. Hirsch plays a cop who doesn't want to be evacuating people, he has a new partner who is young and eager, there is David Zayas playing the bad guy who calls himself John the Baptist (no idea why), there is the old guy with a bunch of art in this rundown apartment building, there is crotchety Mel Gibson, a retired cop who is on dialysis and needs a fecal transplant. Yes, he says he needs a fecal transplant and describes what that means!!! Did I mention there is a guy with a "pet" locked in a room in his apartment that eats 100 pounds of meat at a time and is trained to attack cops? Also Kate Bosworth (who is married to the director) is in this as Mel Gibson's daughter and to eventually flirt with Hirsch. Practically the entire movie takes place in the apartment complex as the radios are out due to the hurricane.

Do you think it is bad enough for HDTGM?

It does have two actors with violence against women keeping their careers on life support and sets it in a hurricane in Puerto Rico which may not be the best idea since it could be too soon after Hurricane Maria. Plus a bunch of white people fighting off the bad guys who are Hispanic isn't necessarily ideal either. 



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