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Maybe I'm crazy and don't know how to use the search function, but I don't see a  thread for all us cool users to put our own personal top tens (or album rankings, or etc.). As I continue to learn about the Talking Heads, I'll go ahead and throw my own R.E.M. top ten list out there for everyone to ooh and aah over. Don't crowd, there's room for everyone.

(Was disappointed to hear the Scotts talking smack about some of my faves :( )

1. Can't Get There From Here

2. Low Desert

3. Begin the Begin

4. Nightswimming

5. Finest Worksong

6. Half a World Away

7. Pilgrimage

8. World Leader Pretend

9. Imitation of Life

10. Supernatural Superserious


Honorable mentions to Uberlin, Ignoreland, and Driver 8 (this is too hard!)


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