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I'm 18. Currently thinking that it would be good practice to write jokes, build on premises, and do other shit for people. Idk. Anything until I move out of my town into a good comedy town (san fran or san dieg) and try my hand at open mics.


This would be great because if it works, it works. If I send a shit joke, you tell me that it's shit and I'd accept that. If I send a good joke, you maybe send me a check for 13 dollars?


Then, eventually, I'll get really good at it. I'd write a joke and my name would be passed a long through the whispers of the comedy community. I'd have more than 55 followers. I'd write a joke for a attractive lady comic, and she'd be able to tell how tasty my dick tastes based on the quality of said joke. She'd bait me, using her lady box, to get me to perform at a comedy club. I would perform. People would be like, "Oh shit, it's that guy. You know, the one with more than 55 twitter followers!" Then they would ask me to repair their computer and I would gladly accept.


Send me a DM on twitter, @The_Whiteness. I won't miss it. Nobody sends me DM's. I'll look at your stuff and try my magic at something I'd think would be good for you. Thanks.

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