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Boiling Point (1993)

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I'm a bit baffled by the fascinatingly bad Wesley Snipes/Dennis Hopper 1992 crime film "Boiling Point." It was seemingly distributed by Warner Brothers but the 2007 Japanese DVD release is from Universal. (It also contains Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean subtitles, but not English ones.) I can't trust Wikipedia and the Internet that this was a 1993 film with a 10 million USD budget because the DVD copyright says 1992 and the film looks like a lower budget TV movie with a washed out look, reliance on closeups, and a cheesy score that sounds like it was lifted from a Lifetime channel movie or episode of Unsolved Mysteries.... this feels like it was filmed in the late 80s instead. Despite the two main actors and a number of famous supporting cast members, nothing quite gels together and this 86-minute film feels like it lasts for two hours because it's really unclear how plot point A is related to point B or what the characters motivations or reactions are to the events of the film and the characters do not go on meaningful journeys. This desperately needed a better editor and tighter script. I imagine this was purely a paycheck performance for Hopper and Snipes because by 1992 they had been in a number of much higher caliber films and Boiling Points plays out like the kind of Z-level trash you'd find on the USA channel at 2 AM in the morning. I really would like to know how this got made. It's not as crazily-bad as Nic Cage's Deadfall, but it's in that same tier of cinema, a pale imitation of "To Live And Die In LA."    

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