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So,...I started back at the beginning and began relistening to all of the episodes. Today, It was time for the Keanu Reeves catastro-fuck that was "Johnny Mnemonic". During the episode, Jason reads the screen crawl from the beginning of the film and I almost shit myself! 

There is a part that  goes as follows:

"Second decade of the 21st century. Corporations Rule. The world is threatened by a new plague. A fatal epidemic whose cause and cure are unknown."

You guys! This movie predicted covid-19!  And if that wasn't enough...10 minutes later, Jason posits, while talking to Jessica St. Clair about how hot Keanu is, that he should try out for "John Wick 3" in an attempt to meet and sleep with Mr. Reeves!!!! 

My questions are:

A ) Do you think that the screenwriter is a prescient time lord and if so, how is this year going to go because I am exhausted and I'd love to have a heads up?...


B ) Did Zooks and Keanu seal the deal as I assume that this was his sole reason for auditioning?

Thanks for all of the free content.I love you guys and I can't wait to see another live show once the world starts up again. (I got to see "Striptease" live in Chicago)

Steve in Indiana

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William Gibson wrote the screenplay based on his own story. and he is a pretty good futurist writer still. I highly recommend his recent trilogy starting with Pattern Recognition, and the one he is currently writing starting with The Peripheral.

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