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Episode 235 - Ruffling Our Panties

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Sarah Pappalardo and Dustin Chafin join Negin to discuss the aftermath of the Capitol riots, including the Republican response to calls for Trump’s impeachment. Later, they analyze their own love/hate relationships with food during the pandemic.

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Greetings Ms. Farsad,

     Let me say first I love the upbeat attitude, "We only do Positive here"; it is a welcome change from most other places where the message is down if not nihilistic.  Yet I would like to point something out.  Ten years ago, we were not nicer to one another.  We had the Tea Party rising up because there was a black man in the White House.  These folks are now a decade into this and are libidinally invested in Trump, his message and the white supremacy ideology.  Niceness is not going to get them away from that.  He is their saviour, their champion.  I fear we will be decades unwinding this.  In the mean time, we can be nice to those we know but we need be anything but nice about calling out white supremacy and putting away all those who resort to violence.  

     In other words, it is not going to be anything like easy to get back to civility as the norm.  

Ad Astra Per Aspera,


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