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Podcast Q - logo not appearing in iTunes?

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So BROS, if you subscribe to enough p-casts you might notice that iTunes' internal podcast manager does not show logos/graphics for some of our favorite podcasts...well, my podcast is in that camp (the 'no logo' camp, not the 'your favorite podcasts' camp).


Does any know what the dummy/easy fix is to have iTunes display your show's logo? I have my feed through LibSyn and then subsequently through FeedBurner and everything seems tight & ship-shape...as far as I know.


Replies are appreciated.

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Yes! This is totally happening to me and I wasn't getting much help from Googling the issue. I'd also love to hear if anyone else is having this problem -- our logo appears if you get our podcast through the RSS feed, etc.

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I've had this problem several times. Are you using MP3tagger or an equivalent to attach an image to the actual file? If not, that might fix it. The other problem area for me was in feedburner itself. I don't remember where specifically, but I know there is an option to upload an image for the feed.


Hope this helps. itunes is pretty much the worst.

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Dealing with podcast artwork is a bit of tricky business. To ensure the most wide array of listeners get your artwork, you need to do 2 things.


1) Embed the actual image in the mp3/m4a file. I do this through iTunes when inputting the metadata. Whatever method you might use to add album artwork to an mp3 file will work fine.


2) Specify the artwork URL in your xml file. If you're using a hosting service like Libsyn or something like Feedburner (as Dan says above) then you can specify the location. But to make sure it gets it right, I'd suggest learning how to write xml on your own (it's pretty straightforward). You want to make sure this line is pointing to your artwork:


<itunes:image href="http://computer.com/fleethescene/FTS_Logo.png" />


When pulling from iTunes on a desktop/laptop (i.e., not a mobile device) it will not auto embed the artwork you specify, only what is in the mp3 file. When pulling from iTunes on a phone or directly from the RSS, it will pull the artwork from the URL you put in the xml.


It's dumb.

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