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Kyle Dunnigan's Stand-up!

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Hey Guys,


Without meaning to slight David or Tig, whose stand-up acts I have not gotten to see in person yet, I have to rave a bit about how great Kyle's performance on Saturday night was!


I know a casino is not the comic's ideal venue, but Kyle (and headliner Sarah Silverman) made the most of it!


Kyle did a killer 30-40 minute set starting with a "visit" from Craig. Craig did a few jokes, some crowd work and his impression of Bill Mahr! Awesome.


Then Kyle proceeded to riff and play and destroy the crowd. I had seen his Comedy Central special, which is great, but this was all new material and was super-funny. My wife, who had never heard of Kyle, loved him. We both laughed A LOT! My wife was especially impressed by Kyle's massive biceps and calves.


I know Kyle's MOTHER and family were in attendance and I am sure they enjoyed the evening. He had all 1500 people in the place rocking!


Do yourself a favor and go see him if you get the chance. You will not be sorry. I have to get his CD, "Wait, There's More" so I can enjoy more of his wit and humor. Kyle is terrific with Tig and David every week and we get a sample of his great impressions and spontaneous humor. It is wonderful to see him showcase that on his own as well!


(If David and Tig will perform in the area, I'll be at their shows (and post my raves) too!)



Well, that's been comment.

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I saw Kyle recently at his Kyle Dunnigan and Friends show at the Hollywood Improv. (Was lucky enough to be there on a night when Tig and Sarah were some of his "friends" and I spied David (S)Huntsberger and Aaron milling around the club, too!) I just can't say enough about Kyle's set! He started off with a little Craig, did some stuff at the piano and then did some more conventional stand-up. It was all hilarious. As a fan of PB from the beginning, it was such a treat to see some of my favorites doing what they do best. Steven is right when he says you must catch Kyle if he comes anywhere near you!

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