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Music Suggestion - "Kooley High" (genre: hip hop)

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Sklar-vy Wallbangers,


Wanted to bring your attention to a local hip hop group with some serious chops trying to make it big. Kooley High is comprised of a bunch of kids who met at NC State, hosting rap seminars in the dorms on campus. Their style reminds me a lot of Tribe Called Quest in some respects--sparse beats with a focus on lyrical creativity.


Their latest album is titled "David Thompson," named after the former NC State great who many consider one of the best college basketball players of all time.




DT--the original Skywalker--enjoyed an all-star career with the ABA's Denver Nuggets and went toe-to-toe with Dr. J in the

, and I ask you, sirs, what could be more Sklarbro Count®y than mid-70's ABA?


In trying to find the best track that showcased not only their skill but their love of State sports, I think "Dear Raleigh" fits the bill.


I know you can't let it run long enough to get to this point in the song, but at about the 1:00 mark, there begins a solid "sportsy" verse perfect for The Skl-itizens:


I'm Wolfpack'n, Zach Galifinak-in/

In back, dabble in raps, patterns and 'Pack passion.

So Corchiani, and Rodney Monroe/

I flow Fire and Ice, embody them both...


I'm not in the group or know them, really--just a huge State fan proud of my Wolfpack brothers and sisters trying to make it big, and a play on either the Country or the County would hopefully help propel them further toward that goal.


And to conclude this megapost, let me just say thanks for everything you do...your podcast inspired me to start one of my own (on State sports, naturally), recorded in front of a live audience at a restaurant near campus in exchange for free beer. I actually recorded an interview with Kooley High when "David Thompson" dropped, which can be heard here, if you (or anyone for that matter) wants to learn more about the group and how they came about.


Go State, and go to Hell Carolina!

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