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This scene alone deserves a good few minutes of commentary:



Also I think there is already a thread about this movie here somewhere...

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Here's why...


It's basically a karate kid rip off


Bruce Lee is in it- actually his ghost is


Van Damme is in it -He plays a bad guy


It's an accurate depiction of Martial Arts in the 80's


The original was so bad that the distributor re-edited the movie when it was released on DVD


Fans were so upset they re-eddited back to its original cut and uploaded it online


You can watch both versions in their entirety on youtube


(fan edit)


https://www.youtube....h?v=se4WqH-D_fM (the other version)

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From what I hear, that bit was cut out of the American version. Can't imagine why.


didn't this movie win a NAMBLA award...


Why do I get the feeling when I watch that clip that there is some coked up perverted director yelling in the background "Yes Jean, are you feeling it, I am feeling it, do some more baby! that's good"

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If the Karate Kid, Rocky IV and The Last Dragon had a 3 way, their baby would be No Retreat No Surrender.


This movie rocked when I was a kid and it's flat out horrible now that my brain has matured past a 4th grade level. In case you have never seen it let me just hit the highlights.


Mobsters threaten local karate instructor and breaks his leg

Jean Claude Van Damme plays the bad guy and it's his first starring role.

Son vows vengence

Son befriends overacting black kid within 30 seconds of moving into new home

Son gets beat up by bullies

Son begs Bruce Lee gravesite to help him

Ghost of Bruce Lee shows up to train him

Son goes through Rocky III training montage

Son becomes badass

Son defeats JCVD after super charge of power upon hearing the title being screamed at him from black friend.


This movie has it all. Karate, JCVD shirtless, breakdancing, montages, killer 80's soundtrack, hot girl, mobsters, ghost of Bruce Lee...and an awesome title!


Please, oh please do this movie!!!

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For the love of all things low budget why have you not covered this yet?

Please, I'm begging you, watch this! You will want to do it for sure.


I mean it's Jean-Claude Van Damme's first role in which his character has a name.

It's got SO many hilarious elements. I mean, workout scenes in which the good guy works out by having his little black buddy sit on his crotch while he thrusts said crotch up and down!


Honestly, anyone on this forum who has not seen this film - needs to watch it!


I could actually write a 100 pages on all the things that make this film hilarious, but I think the surprises need to be left for the viewer.

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Nande yo!!! How is it possible? They still haven't done it. Come on, watch it! I mean... the ghost of Bruce Lee - how could you not watch it?

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We need Paul, June and Jason to help bring peace to the age old rivalry portrayed in this film. Of course, I am speaking about the Seattle based karate students vs Los Angeles based karate students. When will the bloodshed end?!


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I bought this on RiffTrax a few months ago.

I had never seen it before. The box was always in the video store. The artwork always made it look epic.

Its written and directed by Stanley Tong who has a lot of Hong Kong movies under his resume which explains a lot.

Stanley Tony took an average kung fu movie and all its tropes and put it in modern (1980s) Seattle.


Evil Group harrassing local businesses for their own misdeeds.

a fallen master.

his son or student who must redeem the master.

He has a sidekick.

Theres a love interest.

the local 2nd tier villain is always causing problems for the hero.

2nd tier villain buys and influences friends with food at the local restaurant.

Fight at the restaurant.

master learns from the student and redeems himself.


It goes on from there.

The bonkers part of this movie is Bruce lee (as mentioned),

a complete emasculation of a karate master.

and then the fight at the end some how resolves everything although it probably cause more problems than solve.

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