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Most Awkward Podcast episodes

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What happened?

there was no real discernible awkwardness that I can remember, at least not on the actual podcast... Rock just wasn't a fan of the drops getting in the way of the conversation and it was pretty much the last straw for Doug. from what I understand, it was difficult to work around everyone's schedules and record episodes on a consistent basis (between three hosts and a guest, it's almost inevitable)... plus there were some major creative differences when it came to Doug's input, especially with Neal.


as far as I know, there are no ill feelings between anybody... despite how it all went down, it was basically mutual. Doug went as far as to leave a goodbye message for the fans that they played on the next episode (Reggie Watts, I think) explaining most of what I just did.... and he's since had Moshe on the Poundcast and they discussed it a little bit.



that's what hoes do


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I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR Riff Raff on WTF!!! He would fuck up Maron's Standard operating procedure so much. Mar-dawg wouldn;t know what to do with him!


Riff raff's appearance on The Champs podcast was a hot mess and full of awkward moments.




It's hard to describe but riff raff is another plane of existence and it makes for rough audio listening.

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The newest Not Too Deep live episode had Grace interview one of the guys from Epic Meal Time. The awkwardness wasn't from either of them as much as the audience. For a comedy podcast, the audience almost never laughed. It wasn't an audio issue or anything because you can hear when they REALLY do laugh, but for the most part, it's very awkward knowing there are hundreds of people sitting stone-faced while two comedians lose it on stage.

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Throwing another GDWH log on the fire, the episode with Jack Black is pretty great in terms of awkward energy. There isn't any animosity betwen Doug and Jack, but Jack is clearly not comfortable being high.He is freaked the hell out and at one point starts yelling out his safe-word which I think is 'grapefruit' but I'm probably wrong.


It was pineapple

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The last half of The Todd Barry Podcast with Pete Holmes has them arguing over alt rooms vs road tours. They don't get angry at each other but you can really feel a tension within the air between them. I don't know who I agree with, but I'm leaning a little more toward's Pete's point.

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