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Joysticks (1983)

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Joe Don Baker and Greydon Clark? Dear God. But that is one awesome intro. TOTALLY AWESOME VIDEOOO GAMES!

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God they don't write songs like that anymore.. I think I've seen this movie back in the days, on pay tv here in canada.


Everyone's doing it.




I don't know how you would even see this movie if you wanted to. its so bad it's not on tv anymore. Netflix?


Now I have that stupied song in my head to enjoy all day. thanks

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Joysticks is the worst. It is Troll 2 without the character development or special effects budget.


If you took all of the scenes of extras doing outtakes and screen tests from every Bill Murray movie before 1990, and removed all of the funny parts, you would have a better, more coherent story than Joysticks.


Joe Don Baker plays the villain. He is also the most likable character in the movie.


The theme song seems like an outline for the script. It is worse than any current song on the radio.



Joysticks is free on youtube at present, as is the trailer. So HDTGM listeners can follow along without getting confused.


There is nudity in the first 3 minutes.



For anyone who grew up in the '80s, this movie is both an insult and a chance for poignant self reflection. Hard to believe that we teenagers were really that dumb back then.

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I am thoroughly enjoying this movie


This movie is totally worth watching. It's on prime now.

This movie answers the question, what is a video game?



This movie is way more coherent than suicide squad

The intermittent pac man wipes are still better than suicide squads terrible editing

The father beating his daughter was more realistic than the action in suicide squad



I don't think the sound track is available

You can buy the suicide squad soundtrack everywhere

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