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It’s like someone watched “Get Shorty” and thought, “you know what this movie needs? Choreographed dance numbers, clunky hip-hop references, and Vince Vaughn on fire”.  I watched “Be Cool”, so you know what that means....you shouldn’t!!

As great as a movie as “Get Shorty” was “Be Cool” was equally as bad. Same jokes, and pretty much the same story. Way too self referential for it’s own good. Immediately it gets meta with it’s rating due to the # of times the F word is used and makes comments on selling out for sequels. Later, so much fuss is made about toupees and hair plugs that you almost feel bad for Travolta. An actually great cast can’t save a confusing and tired plot, or the lead actor going through the motions. This was painful to watch and I gladly paused it at the slightest opportunity. You keep getting introduced to A-list actors and hoping, “ok, they will save this”, and instead they are just another millstone around the movie’s neck. Finally, the shameless product promotion is ridiculous. 

Can’t believe Andre 3000 broke up Outkast for this.



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