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Hey, Boxers over briefs, am i right?

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I mean, come on guys, an I right?

We've got kinda big dicks, right?

I'm talking 5 to 7 range, you know what I'm talking about

Right Ladies?

Wait...this is for suggestions? For that radio show? Oh, fuck this. Yeah fuck all of this. Nevermind, you guys, who would totally back me up on this one (and I know who you are). We can do better. Have you heard that show? It's like AM at best; but only geezers listen to that. They call it a "Podcast", but that makes no sense. What the fuck is a podcast???? What pods??? Like when Invasion of the Body Snatchers came out? Was I even born? Fuck it. You guys watch whatever shitty movie you want, I'll be here in the background. I'm on AOL at HOWDIDTHISDIDDONE@AOL.COM. Yeah, e-mail me when you have a great idea, jesus.

(I'm really looking forward to that, ***************@gmail.com)

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