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Episode 135 - Daniel Radcliffe

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Actor Daniel Radcliffe feels cautiously optimistic about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Daniel sits down with Conan to talk about his comedy anthology series Miracle Workers, which role he’d play in the next Fast and Furious, and co-hosting the podcast Cunning Stunts with former Harry Potter stuntman David Holmes. Later, Conan and his team welcome David Hopping to fill in for Sona.

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So glad to hear David Hopping will be temporarily joining your trio.  I remember him from one of my fav podcasts last fall with Andy Daly. That episode was so damn funny.. Through the months i listened to it many times because it always made me laugh (though it's a little creepy a guy David's age goes to Disney Land so often).


Good luck to Sona and her babies. 

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